Posted on May 30, 2016
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The first day I met Justin & Jessy, I knew they were special. At that moment, I just assumed it was the true love they shared that made them such a special couple. There was no ‘pose’ to show their love for each other- it showed in their eyes and smiles naturally.


Just a few days before they wed, I lost my father. Jessy texted me offering kind words- sharing her story of losing her father several years prior. Our client-photog-friend bond grew stronger as I packed up my camera gear to shoot her big day. During her ceremony and reception, I found out that our fathers were friends years ago- something neither of us knew. It was just meant to be that I shared her day with her…and that she help me through such a tough time. {God always has a plan for us, even when we don’t see it clearly, it’s there!}


The day was absolutely gorgeous at Somerset and Jessy was stunning! (You were too, Justin!)
1 2  During the ceremony, Jessy’s brother, who walked her down the aisle, sang a beautiful song from the perspective of a father, watching his daughter on her wedding day, from heaven. There wasn’t a dry eye in the grassy field, myself included.4 5 7 6

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Dickerson!! Thank you for choosing me to capture your special day! <3

Posted on Apr 20, 2016
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When Kera & Lonnie asked me to shoot the birth of their daughter, I was beyond honored. I remember when Lonnie and Kera started dating, many moons ago. Kera and I have known each other almost since birth. I don’t remember specifically when we first met, but I know she is in all of my birthday party photos from about age 3 on.


I arrived at the hospital at 2:15 and at 2:30, Avery arrived. (How is that for good timing!?) Kera was a total rockstar. As Avery poked her head into the world for the first time, Dr. Dwyer pointed at Kera and said “Okay, get your baby!” She reached down and pulled her baby out and onto her tummy. It was hands down, the most incredible moment I’ve been able to photograph to date.birth 4 Avery Brooke Miller – 7.11 lbs, 20.75 inches long – born April 7, 2016 at 2:30pmbirth 5 birth 6

Big brother, Landon, was so proud to meet his baby sister.

“I’m going to teach her how to play and how to be a nice person,” he told me. (My heart melted.)birth 7  birth 8Thank you, Miller family- for allowing me to document this day in your lives. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to be there with you during the birth of your daughter. Congratulations!!! <3

Posted on Mar 27, 2016
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This family holds a special place in my heart. So naturally, when Carly’s sister asked if I was available to shoot Zach’s {surprise} proposal to Carly on  Easter Sunday…I squealed “Of course!!!!!!!”

There are no accidents in life. While Zach had planned an outdoor proposal, God had something special in mind as we all gathered inside Carly’s childhood home.

“Up there, that was Carly’s room growing up,” her dad told Zach.

“That’s perfect,” Zach said.

We stood upstairs while waiting for Carly to arrive. Zach had placed lyrics to a special song along the road for Carly to read on her way…by the time she arrived, she knew something special was about to happen.

engaged 1

engaged 2 engaged 3 engaged 4

Thank you, Zach and Carly, for asking me to join your families on such a special day!! Congratulations!! <3

Posted on Sep 01, 2015
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I adore it when clients want something different. A different location…somewhere that you may or may not be watched closely by wildlife such as snakes and bears. (Not for the timid.)

Caleb & Whitney are expecting their sweet little bundle of baby-boy-joy in just a few weeks…are they not the most adorable people in the world?

1 3 2 I can’t wait to meet baby Hayden!!

Posted on Sep 01, 2015
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I love being able to be a part of such special moments in my client’s lives. They start out as strangers, who’s voice you recognize over the phone, or who’s name you recognize in your email-inbox…and when you walk away from the session- you’re forever bonded because you’ve shared one of the most special moments in their life with them.

Meet Jeff and Madeline…

1I spoke with Jeff’s mom and Jeff to plan out the perfect hiding spot to photograph the proposal…which Madeline had no clue about. (In fact, she thought it would be a year or more before Jeff proposed! He had her fooled, surprise!)
2 3 4 After the proposal and a few moments to gather their thoughts, we went back to Jeff’s family’s beach cottage…where both Jeff & Madeline’s families were waiting for them. (Another surprise!)


Congratulations, ya’ll!! It was a joy to share in your special evening!!